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Aug 18, 2009

Tory Fail #13 - David Cameron and George Osborne - Another Fine Mess

Thinking of a Conservative led economy: "That's another fine mess you've gotten us in to"

Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osborne decided to reorganize and resupervise the entire financial structure of the UK - so they took the £7 trillion and went into business.

Tools used: 2 bumbling toffs and 1 axe.

Aug 13, 2009

Tory Fail Poll 2009 - What is your Tory FAIL of 2009 so far?

What is your Tory FAIL of 2009 so far?
Nadine Dorries insisting Trident are not WMDs
David Cameron calling Tweeters 'twats'
Alan Duncan having to survive on 'rations'
Daniel Hannan #notlovingtheNHS free polls

Tory Fail #12 - Daniel Hannan Does Not Love The NHS

There are many articles that will show how scary the views of Daniel Hannan the Conservative MEP of 'rant at Brown' fame are when he turns his eyes towards the NHS. This link says it all really: Here. David Cameron remains very quiet as the #welovetheNHS campaign on Twitter has near enough crashed the site on multiple occasions and Mr Hannan MEP wades in to show his hatred of the service.